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Operation Connect - Help Needed!

We need your help with an awesome new project!

OPERATION CONNECT! The goal of Operation Connect is to boost the morale and welfare of those fighting for our freedom by connecting them with their community through care packages. The marketing department will be collecting specific items throughout an allotted time (TBD) in August to send in the care packages to locals serving in the military. The list of items will be released at a later date.

In addition to the physical items, we would also like to include handwritten letters and coloring pages made by people from their home state. We have coloring pages for your kids in the links below as well as blank letters that are available for your use. Please bring your completed coloring pages and/or letters to the marketing department before August 13, 2021. Your support to our troops would be appreciated by many!

Please email to volunteer!

Dog coloring page
Download PDF • 2.50MB

Download PDF • 3.16MB

Eagle Coloring Page
Download PDF • 3.57MB

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