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Service Experience Workshop

In 2021, employees completed a culture survey that addressed four primary areas of our cooperative: Mission, Consistency, Involvement, and Adaptability. While scores across the board met expectations, some areas of improvement were recognized companywide. The lowest scoring areas included Customer Focus (within the Adaptability category) and Core Values (within the Consistency category). In addressing both areas, The Service Experience Workshop was born to address and improve both internal and external focuses around the topic of “service” to others.

The Service Experience is not a traditional conversation about customer service. Instead, it’s focused on the journey and experience we create for those around us, both internally and externally. The workshop is filled with knowledge about our cooperative, conversations about what we do well and where we can improve, and recognizes those outside our industry that serve as role models for quality service. During this half-day session, we deep dive into building an experience for our members, subscribers, and co-workers that resets our old habits.

Jessica Connelly, HR Generalist, facilitates the class. To date, we’ve held three sessions where each class includes a variety of employee experience, knowledge, and expertise. It’s interactive and inviting. You’re encouraged to be transparent with what you see going well and where you see room for improvement. The ideas shared within the class are consolidated and will be shared with Senior Staff a few times each year.

The Service Experience workshop is hosted six times a year. The next class is scheduled for October 19. Each employee will have the opportunity to attend the workshop by the end of 2023.

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