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  • Patrick Wood

Company Culture Survey

The results of the company culture survey are in, and they are great! Aaron Bradshaw, Co-Mo Connect CEO, gives a small glimpse of the results in this short video.

First and foremost, Aaron thanks everyone that participated in the survey. Over 90% of the organization took part in the survey, and there were 117 written comments that will help give the senior team more detail on our current status. They will be able to determine where we would like to be in the future using data that they will be interpreting over the course of several weeks.

For now, we can see that there is a big difference between 2019 and 2021, despite the Coronavirus pandemic that occupied most of 2020. Aaron, and the rest of the senior team, is very excited to delve deeper into the results and the many comments. The 3rd-party consultant that helped us with the survey will be meeting with some departments directly to get more feedback as to what we can do to continue to drive our culture forward and making sure that we are the best organization that we can be.

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