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A Few Reminders!

Don't forget, we will be hosting our Christmas party at Margaritaville on Dec. 10! Many of you have already filled out the survey saying if you are able to make it, but if you haven’t done that yet, please do so now at This survey is just helping us get an estimated number in attendance so we can finalize our requests with Margaritaville. If you find out later that you are unable to attend, that is fine! We will send out another survey in November asking everyone to confirm that they will be able to attend.

Christmas Party Video:

Reminder number two, we will be holding our traditional office Halloween costume contest on Oct. 29. The theme this year is Blockbuster Movies, so any film that was extremely popular and financially successful would count, or you could be ironic and dress as something to do with the old Blockbuster movie rental franchise. As always, we will hold a costume contest for the best individual costume and the best group costume. This year, the top prize for the best individual costume will be a $200 Amazon gift card! If you are part of a group, the top prize will be a $100 Amazon gift card per person for up to four people. If you have more than four in your group, you will split the $400 however your group decides.

I know there are quite a few people who have not experienced Halloween here, but it is true that people in this office dress up, and they really go all out!

The final reminder is that we will be co-sponsoring a Trunk-or-Treat in Versailles on Oct. 30 from 4 PM – 7 PM and a free movie at the Royal Theatre (Hocus Pocus) starting at 7 PM. We will likely need some volunteers for different things that night, so if you are willing to help, please fill out this survey:

If you have any questions about anything above, please feel free to reach out! Thanks and have a great week!!

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