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5-Year Goals Update

About a year ago, Aaron sent an email discussing the 5-Year Goals of Co-Mo Connect Powered By Co-Mo Electric Cooperative. While we are in year two of that plan, there have been some updates to the chart and specific goals for 2021. Below is an updated rundown of each goal along with an updated version of the goal poster.


Our goal is to reduce our SADI to less than 84.4 minutes by the end of 2021 and be at 81 minutes at the end of five years (2025).


*This goal has updated significantly from 2020. We have moved away from the ACSI survey scoring that we have used in the past and teamed up with a new organization to provide our members and subscribers with satisfaction surveys shortly after our interactions with them. This new survey process provides a real-time look at member and subscriber satisfaction that is more accurate based on our interactions and provides actionable data for improvement and situational response.

Following the implementation of a new satisfaction survey, we are striving to achieve a 4.7 out of 5 satisfaction average by the end of 2021.


The number of Co-Mo Connect subscribers will match the number of electric members in the next five years (2025). The short-term goal is to have over 26,000 subscribers by the end of 2021.


Co-Mo's affordability goal is to see a less than 1% per year increase in total controllable expenses per customer.


We encourage a safe workplace by making it something to be strived for and celebrated. We want to implement three procedural changes to address near miss or safety suggestions in 2021.

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