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Let's See Who Won!

Before we get to the announcement of the winners (assuming you are reading this and didn’t skim to the bottom) I would like to say thank you to everyone who played the crazy game. I hope that you had some fun with it, because it is pretty fun to make these and watch everyone play.

A huge shout out to everyone who completed the Copper and Jade Key challenges and posted such awesome stuff on the employee Facebook page! It is great getting to know everyone better through that platform by sharing stories and personalities.

If you have not yet had a moment to do so, go check out the employee Facebook page ( ) and check out some of the 80s references and interesting facts about your coworkers!

For those without Facebook, fear not! We plan to follow up on some of these to turn into personal stories here on our new employee site!

Ok, now what you have been waiting for and why you clicked this story link. THE WINNERS!

The COPPER KEY prize winner is Seth Verhoff who just won a $100 Amazon gift card!

The JADE KEY prize winner is Kiara Webb who just won TWO free days of PTO!

The CRYSTAL KEY prize winner is Meredith Adams who just won a two-night stay in Branson, MO (5/21 – 5/23) with a room that can accommodate up to four people comfortably AND two day passes to Silver Dollar City (5/22).

Thank you again to everyone who played! I may have to make it more challenging next time …. MUHAHAHahahahahah!

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