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Watch this wonderfully 90s video to MEET THE CHALLENGERS!!!

While these fools have stepped up for the Lil Nitro Challenge on July 9, you can also participate and win money without burning your mouth!

In the challenge, these four individuals will have to fully chew and eat the Lil Nitro gummy bear which is advertised as the worlds hottest gummy bear that is infused with 9 MILLION scoville unit chili extract making it 900 TIMES HOTTER than a jalapeno!

While they are playing for a chance to win various Nintendo prizes, you can place your bets on these crazy fire eaters for a chance to win some cash! You can pick who you think will last the longest in this insane challenge AND how long you think they will go without reprieve. The person that picks the winner AND is closest to the exact tap out time will win the pot. There is a $2 entry fee! If nobody is within 30 seconds of the tap out time, all proceeds will go to the Jeans Fund.

To place your bets, use the link below and be sure to get your money to Patrick or Kelsie by July 8!

Good luck to all!!

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