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Newest Cat Trophy Winner!

Congratulations to Trestin Donnelly for being the newest cat trophy recipient! Trestin was nominated for the cat trophy for his outstanding work on a Callabyte issue. Below are his nominations! Great job, Trestin!


Trestin Donnelly

“Trestin demonstrated superior analytical skills when he uncovered a major security issue by correlating abuse e-mails about SMTP attacks to a report from Callabyte about random ONT reboots. He reviewed logs, traffic stats, and CIS notes to support his theory. Callabyte is preparing to take action.”

- Brian Mueller


Trestin Donnelly

“Trestin absolutely blew me away with his incredible in-depth explanation of the Callabyte Abuse case issue. He jumped in feet first. Phenomenal investigative work! Welcome to the team!”

- Stephanie Christiansen


Trestin Donnelly

“This is an awesome display of initiative and skill while driving towards a solution. And a very good example of the work we do that convinces our partners and subscribers that they made the right decision in choosing Co-Mo. Great job Trestin!”

- John Szymanowski

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