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Co-Mo Cat Trophy

Congrats to our previous Cat Trophy winners, the IT Department for all they have done in the past year! IT did quite a lot to help Co-Mo run smoothly despite a pandemic that had our employees working remote and the work they did to help us continue to grow as a company! IT, we still need to get a photo with your group and make sure you get that catered lunch!

While the following event happened a bit ago, these gentlemen must win the Cat Trophy because they literally saved a cat on a pole from danger, and that is the very type of thing that created the Cat Trophy in the first place!

During the 2019 employee meeting, Aaron told a story about a crew member from a wireless network company who took the time to rescue a family’s cat from a tree. The crew member was fired for doing this with company equipment and on company time. Although he was let go, his good deeds were recognized and praised on social media. At Co-Mo, we want to make sure we are doing our part to “save the cat from the tree” and focus on making sure we are always taking those extra steps to go above and beyond for our members, subscribers, co-workers and community!

Greg Wolf and Seth Verhoff responded to a member who reached out to Co-Mo through Facebook to let us know that a cat was stuck on a transformer on his property. These gentlemen responded to the member and arrived to help get the stubborn cat down to the member’s delight.

Great job to Greg and Seth for winning the Cat Trophy (and a $50 Amazon gift card each) for stopping and helping a cat down from a pole!

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