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Blessing Baskets

This year, Co-Mo participated in a local effort to create Christmas Blessings Baskets for nursing homes in Tipton and California. This charitable cause was started by Jennifer Riggs with NurseServ and Jenn Millard with CMCA.

These baskets will be filled with items for those in the California and Tipton nursing homes that may not have family that will be visiting with them over the holidays. The goal is to bring nursing home residents that may not have family that will be visiting them over the holidays a little bit of Christmas joy. Here at Co-Mo, I think we will do just that!

Our locations were able to collect a lot of the items that were needed, and that is thanks to all who donated. Take a look at some of the stuff that we collected!

Mary Niemeier and I had the pleasure of delivering the collected items to the donation spot in California. Once there, we got to see all of the other donations that the local community had already brought. It's safe to say that these donations will bring comfort to many individuals this Christmas.

Thank you all for your efforts, and thank you Mary Niemeier for bringing up this awesome opportunity to give a little Christmas joy!

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