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A Thankful Lineman

On par with the holiday season, Co-Mo got a thankful visitor last week! Trenton, a foreman at Beauregard Electric Cooperative, came in to thank our line crews that assisted out his cooperative when Hurricane Laura devastated Louisiana back in August 2020. Trenton was Co-Mo's "bird dog" while they were in Louisiana. A "bird dog" is basically a guide person that helps out our linemen while they are in unfamiliar territory. They help instruct them and get them familiar with the lay of the land.

Trenton was visiting Missouri to hunt when he decided to come into Co-Mo to express his gratefulness for our Co-Op. He remembered us fondly and even keeps in touch with many of the linemen that went down to help when they were in need.

He was able to meet and personally thank CEO Aaron Bradshaw and Director of Engineering & Operations, Jon Schulte for their part in sending the linemen to Louisiana. Craig Hutchison and Duston Twenter represented the linemen as they came up to meet Trenton as well. Craig assisted with Hurricane Laura so he personally knew Trenton and they were able to share stories on their time helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

It was great to be able to see how thankful one man can be for his fellow lineworkers, even though they work states apart. Take time to be with your family and think about everyone and everything you are thankful for. Don't forget to tell anyone how thankful you are for them, as you may not realize it but thanks are always greatly appreciated. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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