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2021 O.B. Clark Award

Congratulations to Andy Lawson and Johnnie Twyman for winning the award!

In the late morning hours on Monday, June 1, 2020, Johnnie Twyman and Andy Lawson were traveling south on Highway 5 on their way to the lake office. They had just passed the Fortuna substation, and as they turned the corner on Highway 5, they noticed a young boy walking in the middle of the highway.

Johnnie and Andy acted fast and began to pull over on the side of the road. Simultaneously, in the northbound lane, a semi-truck came over the hill and around the corner. As Andy stopped the vehicle, Johnnie jumped out and immediately began running across the highway to the little boy. Semi-trucks cannot stop suddenly, so the truck driver began screeching his brakes. Fortunately, the truck driver was able to stop in the middle of the road but only after leaving a trail of rubber on the highway. The semi barely missed the boy by inches as he slid by him. Johnnie swept the young boy up in his arms and ran to the ditch. Johnnie then walked the child across the highway to his mother, who was standing there with a baby in her arms and another toddler beside her.

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