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Co-Mo's Fit Frenzy

Thank you for participating in Co-Mo's 2024 Fit Frenzy! Each week, from now until February 5, you have the opportunity to compete with your co-workers in a fun fitness challenge! Please do your best to calculate your water intake, steps taken, and workout habits for a chance to win a prize! The top 3 employees from each category will get a chance to win a prize! You may only win one prize total. Check out the scoreboard at the end of this page.


Prizes include:

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All surveys must be completed by employees each Monday of the week, with scores updated on the scoreboard each Tuesday of the week. In order to remain fair, each employee must fill out your survey by 5 p.m. on Monday, or they will forfeit their points for the week.



Water Intake

Days Exercised

Steps Taken

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